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released August 9, 2012

Guest Performers-
Andrew Histand, 'cello
Amanda Dorsey, vocals
Kristi Allen, Dan Dorsey, Amanda Dorsey- Background Vox
Nate Pauzenga, bass and hand claps
*Rhymes With Opera- a snippet of their "juniperfrag complete" performance appears on "pre-bobcat"
Recorded by Nate Pauzenga
Mastered by Mike Wells



all rights reserved


Her Fantastic Cats Baltimore, Maryland


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Track Name: Birds Worms Wires Words
I feel lost and I’m divinely overfed, like a batty tabby who’s loosely worried about
unmitigated prosperity. Gentle, tiny movements trickle clarity. They are twitching soft
protection and clear, heavenly transparency.Birds Worms Wires Words
Uncovering shortcuts through the alleys on our bikes, like playing Rush 2010. I bolt,
tear, wink, and hollow- and I lie down.
Uncovering shortcuts through the alleys on our bikes, like playing Rush 2010. Sing-along
sounding duck calls by the fountain in the park, blades of grass between our thumbs. I
wish I could feather time better, I bolt tear wink and hollow and I lie down. A bird on
his back won’t make a move and a little boy in hiding will hold his breath. Whether you
flew into the screen door or knocked into the saw, you’re still a goddamn bull in a china
closet, and I still feel like I just shat in the strawberry patch.
So he forgot that he was a bird, and remembered that he was a dinosaur.
I forgot that I was even here at all, and remembered I had made the 2 hour drive to the
Track Name: Thunderstorms
I don’t remember exactly when the thunderstorms stopped.
Sheets of rain used to flood the yard and flood the basement.
The cats would hide from the thunder.
It’s going to rain tomorrow.
Track Name: Small c
Stepping out on cement and plastic.
Dad had a cancer, he spelled it with a small “c” but I can see the rose of the sunset, reflecting and bouncing all up between the 45 degree roof angles, endless, white, and cheap. Then they are sucked up, by the blacktop, and the whole of the damn thing- this whole thing just struck me-
Track Name: Great Gram
Fireflies in a vacant lot are lighting up the fuselage of a million tiny space shuttles an upward and a glowing and a gold mirage. Lightning bugs, cats and the mountains and the plants being pulled up by the force of what has come before all breaking and losing steam, moving on and evaporating.
It’s a dark night in Woodsboro and it’s far from the shore. Great Gram’s up from the rocker and she’s standing at the door. She’s backlit by the kitchen and by her 94 long years. staring out into the dark while her grandson loads the car full of x-mas gifts and great-grandkids, there’s still more room out than in (MY GREAT GRAM USED TO SAY THAT EVERY TIME SHE FARTED)but when the inside falls apart there is a vacuum that starts and the outside presses in and it all just breaks my heart. There’s bamboo in the basement and it’s stacked up all in piles, the fireflies are everywhere lighting up like smiles. Summer memories elicit cheers from darkened beds, while I’m buckled in the bathtub with the faucet at my head. It’s a simple, silly thing to love the winter and to hate the spring, but it doesn’t ring anymore true to love the many and hate the few. Every spring has the potential- there is the warning things will freeze. Every baby goes through autumn, cracks it’s mind and breaks its knees. From every graying head we see the passing of our day. We’ve seen it all so clear before, our words have slipped away. One clear and loving morning as the pulse it ebbs and fades she sees universal truth and gives us “ray” (KRISTI ALWAYS THOUGHT I WAS SAYING “RAIN” WHICH IS KIND OF COOL, BUT “RAY” IS ACTUALLY THE ONLY WORD MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER SAID TOWARDS THE END OF HER LIFE, AND OUR TIME AROUND HER WAS ALWAYS PUNCTUATED WITH IT)
Track Name: Big House
This time, my dad got himself separated out from his second wife. He moved out of the big house and down the street, to a small apartment where there wasn’t room- not for windchimes.
Track Name: Buckwheat
Tonight’s the perfect time to seed the buckwheat.
Track Name: Pre-Bobcat
We’re all in this together, and one day the time will come when we hold each other closer if at least just to keep warm.
We’re all in this together, because the stairwell door is blocked. The elevator’s broken and the wind whistles through the locks.
It makes a high and a lonesome sound. Keep your eyes on what you’ve ahead of you and keep your ear to the ground.
Tired like the tops of trees, I’m always someplace new. Tired like the tops of trees, I’m stretched out and always I’m green.
Track Name: Hey Bobcat
They chased me from the trees, with traps at all of my feet. You looked good enough to eat but it was you who saved me. Owls will take baby chicks, pin them down with their beaks and wait until they’re all tuckered out- and then they’ll have a neck meat feast.
The diatoms they all died and then they were fossilized now they’re scattered all around my life to kill the bedbugs and to kill the flies. Watching out for the owls and worrying all about the chicks, I feel gravity tugging me upward, it’s just the capillary effect.
You came up the stairs with mayonnaise all in your hair, and the lights in the trees they glowed all above me. All dogs go to heaven. You know that it’s true. where did you think all of that finger-licking and ass-kissing would get you. Did you think straight to heaven? Let’s just say that when we die we all just fall asleep and when we fall asleep we dream another life and one day soon that this will all come true.
I dreamt my fingers became an arm, they reached up inside to find all that I was made of and came back fat and full-fisted all but one little pinky finger my 9 lives have been exhausted by 9 weasely doorbell ringers. The thunderstorms came back from the shore and they brought the stinkbugs with ‘em. They ate up the apple crop but left us with the twisters. Family homes and tobacco barns they come down with a vengeance and it feels to me like the day I stepped on my last pair of suspenders.
Claw hammer claw hammer claw bring your hammer down.
If I had my claw hammer I would tear this place apart.
Levi’s hot on the track, he’s a tobacco-vacation smokestack. But I may be too far to get back so it’s “Hey Bobcat”
Track Name: Coda
Nature is a monster, but that monster is our mother, and we kick at her with bitterness
over the loss of all our brothers. While she is sick with worry over the deaths of all
the others and we ask it right back at her “When will these funerals be over?”
She hates to break her babies’ hearts,
but the answer dears is never.